How To Make A DIY Model Railroad Signal Light

How to scratch build model railroad signal lights either kit bashing or starting with basic materials. Covered also is information about setting up  a signal light control system on your model railroad using two different Arduino programs.   Using an Arduino to control your signals is cheap compared to the expense of commercial systems.


Here are some pictures of prototypes.

As we build out this page, we will first provide a link to some excellent material.

MyModel Railroad – Excellent signal light construction

And then to control those lights, here is another link.

My Model Railroad – Signal Lights wiring and control.

To scratch build signal lights in Ho scale, use 5 mm od brass tube for the light shields.

The signal light face plates are best etched from .3 mm brass.

Use 3mm LEDs or  SMD LEDS

Masts are made from 3mm OD brass tube.


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