How To Make Model Railroad Level Crossing Lights

How to make Model Railroad crossing lights.

A step by step tutorial with an image gallery that you can use for reference.

But first some important information.

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Level Crossing Lights

This is an image of the prototype that I will make.  There are many more styles.  Check the what type lights were used in the region covered by your layout and era.

The light container measures 50 cm and the light 30 cm  in 1/1 .  In 1/87 scale those measurements are  5.7471 mm  and 3.4483 mm.

The pole diameter is 20 cm and the red and white stripes are 30 cm in 1/1.  In 1/87 scale those measurements are2.2989 mm and 3.4483 mm


I use 3mm id, 6 mm od washers for the light containers.

A piece of shrink tube will be inserted into the washer hole and trimmed to make the light shade.

The lens will be a piece of thin acrylic or acetate glued  (ACA) to the washer. The lens will be colored red with a marker pen and backed by either a pre-wired  red or white SMD LED or a red or what 604 SMD LED.

The light containers will be connected with a piece of  1 mm, or so, brass tube.

In the center of the tube a notch will be cut so the wires from the lights can be run down the vertical pole.

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Crossing Light Image Gallery


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