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Things you should know about Sketchup textures.

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Below is a special selection of information about adding textures to models that you make in sketchup.

This is particularly helpful when using prototypes for your base design. The information shows you how to use the actual texture from the prototype or to make your own.


3d Texture Warehouse– 30,000 free textures

Stockvault– free textures

CG Textures– free textures

Sketchup Help Adding Textures – Full tutorial and instructions on adding textures and creating your own.

Sketchup Blog Textures – A step by step illustrated guide to adding your own textures.

How To Make Seamless Texture Tutorials– A collection of videos on YouTube

How To Scale Textures – A tutorial specific to sketchup textures.

How To Make Translucent Images

Sketchup Textures
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