Arduino Sound Module Made Using DF Player

A sound module using the DF Player pro that you can use to play any sound or music though a miniature speaker.

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The DF Player pro is a small low cost mp3 module that can directly connected to a speaker. It can be used as a stand alone module with attached battery, speaker and push buttons or with a micro-controller like in our case, the Arduino.

You can use it to add Christmas music to your Christmas Village, Church Bells to a model bell tower, warning bells at a model railroad level crossing, thunder for a thunder and lightning display,  city sounds for a model city scene, or to play the music or sounds or your choice for any other purpose.

To load sound onto your module, connect the player to your computer with a USB cable.  It will show up on your computer as an external drive. Open that drive folder and copy your sound file to the folder. That loads the sound file onto the player.

The sound file can be music, railroad related sounds, thunder, bells of any kind, or whatever your heart desires.

Materials Required To Make A Sound Module

Arduino Nano

You may, of course use an Uno or Mega.  We prefer the Nano because it is small and cheap.  It will give you all that you need for this application.





DF Player Pro

Use the player directly from the primary supplier and company that created it. You will find clones of all types. Don’t try to save a few cents and get burned.

This player is very easy to set up and has many excellent features that you can use to your benefit.






Miniature Speakers

57 mm speakers are fine. These are low profile and fit well under a diorama or model railroad layout. Get 8 ohm speakers.  If your have a lower ohm rating, add a resistor.








Prototype Board

This is a standard prototype board available everywhere.  Be careful. Get the more expensive boards, normally green in color, because some others have a tendency to warp.




You may get all these parts in a time and cost savings package at KITS – 





DF Player Pro Wiring Diagram






A Player Module.

This was assembled using materials like those shown above. Pin Headers are soldered to the board and components connected via the pin headers.  Connections between the Nano and player were made using telephone wire attached to the underside of the board.

This particular board module will be used to add warning bells to roadside flashing lights on an Ho scale model railroad layout.


You may get all these parts in a time and cost savings package at KITS – 

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