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About the DF Player Pro

The DFPLAYER pro has many good features but the documentation is poorly done. This page tries to fill in the gaps and give you what you need to use it for model railroading.

The documentation starts with  DFRobot Player Pro Wiki – I provides basic tutorials and wiring diagrams.   If you have questions or need help, they refer you to the DF Player Forum –   You are supposed to be able to get help here.  But my experience is that it is a waste of time.

You can take other paths to get help.  There is an active discourse .  Go there first.  You can also write for technical support at

There is another place that people seem to go to get help. Fernion DF Player   There is a comment section filled with unanswered requests for help.

Turning Off  Voice On Player

At present, this module cannot turn off the prompt sound in the code. You need to enter the command in AT mode. The specific steps are as follows:

Download and install debugging software.  The program provided to us by DF Pro Technical Support is in Chinese but following the instructions below it is easy to use.  You can get it here.

You ned to connect dfplayer to your computer first. At this time, check the device manager to check the serial port name of the device

Open the debugging software.

Then select the corresponding serial port in the software

In addition, you must enter “at” to enter the at mode before performing the next steps. After entering at, the serial port will return “OK”, which means that you have successfully entered the at instruction mode.Note that “hex” and “auto enter” are checked

 This image show how you should proceed.
serial debugging software

After doing this, you are unwanted voice free.

Projects Using The DF Player Pro

Thunder And Lightning

Railroad Crossing With Bells


Train Crossing Bell Sound Effects



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