DFPlayer Remove Prompt

How to remove the voice prompts that run when the DFPlayer is powered up.

One must use a serial port debugger to enter the code AT+POMPT=OFF

Step 1. Connect the DF player to your computer.  Do not connect directly with USB, but connect via UART to USB devices. Note image to the left.

You will not find DFPlayer’s USB drive, but will see its COM number in the Prot section of device Manager.

Step 2. Go to the device manager and check the serial port name of the device.

Step 3. Open the serial port debugging program.

Step 4. Set baud rate to nnnnnn and  sure that HEX and AUTO ENTER are checked

Step 5. Select the corresponding serial port in the software.

Step 6. Enter AT.  The serial port will return OK which means that you have successfully entered the instruction mode.

Step 7. Enter AT+PROMPT=OFF




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