How To Make A Cheap Static Grass Applicator

How to make an incredibly cheap static grass applicator.

This tutorial takes you through the process of making an incredibly simple and cheap static grass applicator.


Materials Required

Anion Generator
Banana Clip Connectors 4
Solderless Connectors
Alligator Clip

These parts can be purchased as a package at


Mounting Boards
Top Board

Place anion generator on board and mark the board through the screw tabs.

Drill pilot holes for the screws.

Return the generator to the board and screw in place.

Drill holes for Banana Clip Connectors.

Drill hole for switch. Square with a file to be able to insert switch.

Drill holes for anion generator wires.

Attach top board to mounting boards.

Attach Banana Clip Connectors and Switch to top board.

Insert wires through holes in the top board.

Cut wires on Anion Generator to appropriate length.

Cut an additional piece of wire to fit between power in connector and switch.

Attach connectors to wires.

Attach wires to Banana Clip Connectors and Switch

Attach the additional piece of wire to the switch and the power in Bannana Clip Connector

Attach alligator clip and a banana clip to a length of wire.

Attach male banana clip to grass dispenser.

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