How To Maker A High Voltage Shaker Type Static Grass Applicator 15 kvDC Output 12vDC Input

How to make a static grass applicator of the shaker type.

There are a few ways to make static grass applicators that use a grass dispenser that is necessary to shake to apply grass.  Instructions for each follow.

In this page we will provide step instructions to make a general purpose static grass applicator similar to the one that you see in the image to the left.





But first here is a quick summary of other approaches that you can take.  You can get details on making one of these two at this link.  BBBBBBBB

Mason Jar Shaker Static Grass Applicator

This is as cheap and as easy as it is to make a shaker type static grass applicator.  It is nothing more than a mason jar with a screen on top of the glass.

You can use the jars to store the grass that you are using.  Just move the cap from jar to jar.  And you can store grass in jars with their normal covers.  Do label the jars so that you remember what the grass is.

For your static field, you attach it to an external dispenser type static grass applicator such as those that you see here.  Click on Static Grass Applicators.





Strainer With Jar  Shaker Static Grass Applicator.

This is another simple way to make a shaker type dispenser.  Once again it makes use of a glass jar.  Just invert the jar in a vegetable strainer.

Remember that glass is an insulator so you just use two hands on the dispenser.

And again you can store your grass in the jars.

For your static field, you attach it to an external dispenser type static grass applicator such as the one that you see  with this group of static grass applicators and anion generators.


How To Make General Purpose Static Grass Applicator

Advantages Of This Style Shaker Static Grass Applicator





Materials Required

Anion GeneratorAnion Generator –






Tea Strainer –



Jar –



Switch –









Battery And Clip –



Alligator Clip –


Wire –


Polystyrene Sheet –



Polystyrene Handle –







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