How To Make Your Own DIY Flock Box Cheap And Easy

This flock box is quickly and easily made from cheap readily available materials.

You can make either a permanent or temporary version.

Static Grass Applicator Video Tutorials

Actually our preference is to use a temporary model.  That eliminates the storage requirements that come along with having a volume occupying permanent piece of equipment.

This short video shows us using a simple flock box to make static grass trees. You can use something  similar to apply flock to figures or whatever.

A flock box is simply a charged plate. So you can use any flat piece of steel, a pizza pan or a baking pan turned upside down.

This video shows the basic concept.   . I am just showing how the flock box pulls using the static grass applicator seen below.


We generally use a static grass applicator control unit that uses an external grass dispenser.  In this case instead of attaching a vegetable or tea strainer, we simply attach the pan in their place with an alligator clip.


Note the control unit top left. And shown also is the alligator clip connector that replaced the grass dispenser.

The grass or other flock is placed on the top of an overturned baking pan. It’s nothing special. We just borrow it from the kitchen and return it when we are done. No storage requirements at all.

There are different versions of the control unit. You can see them at this link.  Click Here.


This video shows you a lot more about making and using a DIY flock box.




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