How To Make A High Voltage Air Purifier Ionizer DIY 15 kvDC 12 v DC Input

Complete step by step instructions on building a powerful air purifier.

This air purifier not only cleans the air but it also keeps y0ur walls, ceiling and furniture clean as well as keeping your lungs clean.

Negative ion generators  clear air.  They do that by charging particles cling to anything they touch.  So those  particles build up on your walls, ceiling and furniture. And your  lungs.

In order to prevent this,  you should use a fan to pull the air through a charged filter that you can clean or replace.

Steel wool or a steel scrubbing pad works well.  A charged screen of one form or another also works well. We will show you examples of each.

The anion generator that we will use can be powered by a battery or any external DC power supply between 4.5 and 12 volts. A wall wart works fine.

Materials Required

higj voltage anion generatorAnion Generator –

The details can be seen when you click here.






Plastic Box –








steel scouring padsMetal Mesh – Shown are steel scouring pads.  You can use steel wool or a metal screen.

They will build up a residue of particles that have been scrubbed from the air.  You will have to remove them and clean hem every so often so they do not get clogged to the point that air will not flow through them.

If you use steel wool, pull it wide and thin to encourage air flow through it.







Power Supply –





switch without feedbackSwitch –









Battery And Battery Clips –


compute fanFan – A computer fan is the right size.  And generally use 12v motors.









exit filterExit Filter – This will capture any ions that were not caught by the wire mesh. You will have to occasionally replace this.  How often depends on how efficient your metal mesh is at collecting charged particles.  And that depends on how you place it









Install the fan on one side of the box.

Cut an inlet hole on the other side.

Install the switch on third side.

Solder copper wire to end of black output wire.

negative ion generator wiring diagramAttach wires to anion generator






Connect switch to fan and anion generator

Insert copper wire into wire mesh

Place the  filter on the inside surface of the fan.






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