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How To Make A Static Grass Applicator Using The StaticGrassKing Kit

This takes you through the important points of the process of making a static grass applicator from the StaticGrassKing static grass applicator kit.

Once you review this, download the free illustrated instruction book which is fully illustrated and step by step in detail.

Static Grass Applicator Video Tutorials

The image to the left shows you what you will make. It is made from the kit that you get here. Static Grass Applicator Kit

To save you time, this is the link to click on to download the instruction book.You can follow the instructions in this page or download a free illustrated instruction book.  Click Here.

At the bottom of the page is a video tutorial that shows you in detail the process.  But first review the important points below so that the video sinks in faster.
When you finish, you will have the white control unit that is in the picture above.  You will have to add the grass dispenser, grounding wire and power supply.

So let’s look at each or them.


This is one form of the grass dispenser.  It is our favorite for fine detail.  To cover large areas we use a vegetable strainer or a jar like the mason jar below.

To make this, I soldered a wire to the strainer, slipped it through a piece of poly pipe and wrapped the pipe with electrical tape.  On the loose end of the wire I attached a banana clip.

You supply the wire and strainer.  The banana clip for the end of the wire comes with the kit.





I also use jars to cover large areas.

I like jars because they allow me to keep different grasses in different jars. When I want to add a different grass, I just put the screen on a different jar.

To the left I show a  mason jar.  I actually use smaller jars with one top made to a screened version.


There are other attachments that you might like to make and use.  You can see them here. DDDDDD


You will need a grounding wire. It is nothing more than a wire with an alligator clip on one end and banana clip on the other.

You supply the wire.  The clips on either end come with the kit.





A power supply is needed.  Applicator works with any DC input voltage from 4.5 to 12 volts DC.  The static field generated varies with in input voltage from 7.5 v DC to 15 KV DC.

Use you layout power bus, a wall wart, bench top power supply, or a battery.

Many people prefer a battery.  It makes for a portable on convenient unit to use.



Our instructions tell you to do your first tests with a 9v DC battery.  When folks see how well it performs, and how easy it is to use, they stay with it.

This short video shows you how well it performs when a battery is used.

The unit is pulling 12 mm static grass.  You can get that grass here. yyyyyyy



Click On Image To Get Kit Information

This what the kit will look like before you add everything shown above.









negative ion generator wiring diagram


You drill a couple holes in the plastic box, add the switch and female connectors and wire this in place.

Note how simple the wiring is.






This is how it is wired internally.  It is just the practical application of the wiring diagram above.






Close the box, add your power, dispenser and ground and you are ready to go.


Now that you have seen the summary, watch the video that you see  by either clicking on the image to the left or Clicking Here.

This is a video that shows the process of assembly. So that you don’t lose this page, the video will open in a new window. Static Grass Applicator.



You can get one of these kits at Static Grass Applicator Kit

Download the instruction book by clicking here.


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