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How To Test And Troubleshoot A Static Grass Applicator And An Ion Generator

In this page I am going to show you how to test the ion generator used to make the STATICGRASSKING line of static grass applicators and kits.

By using this test procedure you can check the operation of the static grass applicator that you make without burning it out. And, if you have just received a fully assembled static grass applicator, you can also test that it works before attaching it to your power suply.

First here are some important information.

Prestige Static Grass Applicator
Prestige Static Grass Applicator

The anion generator used in the StaticGrassKing static grass applicators is not a transformer.  It does not pass current.  It is a static field generator.   It acts somewhat like a capacitor. It draws enough current to create the field and then stays relatively dormant.

If you make any connection across the wires on the output side of the unit, you will burn it out.

If you make any connection between one of the output (static field) side wires and power supply wires, you will burn it out.

So do not do any continuity or voltage checks on or involving any output wires at any time.

Initial Test Should – More Than Should – Must Be Done With A Battery

When you run the first test, use a battery. A standard 9 volt battery is best.

By using a battery you eliminate any problems that can be created by your power supply. And they do exist.  For example, some power supplies have an AC component in their output.  That will burn out the unit.  And then some are unstable and go into over voltage conditions.

And if you have erred in wiring, it is possible to burn out the power supply.


Only after you test satisfactorily with a battery, use an external power supply. This warning applies to a fully assembled static grass applicator as well as one you make.

Quality Assurance Test

Ion generator test circuitWhen you get an anion generator, this image shows a very simple way to test that it operates.

Add grass to a pan and connect your dispenser and ground wire to the pan.  The video below shows what I mean.

Connect the ground wire and dispenser to the output of the generator.

Connect battery clip leads to the input positive and negative leads of the generator. BE SURE THAT THE POLARITY IS CORRECT . IF NOT, THE GENERATOR WILL BURN OUT.

Attach the battery.  9v dc is preferred. You can cascade others and use a lower voltage.  Remember that this generator will work on as low as 4.5 volts.

Check that the grass stands up. Watch the video below to see how we do it.

If the grass does not stand, stop, disconnect the battery and contact us.  Send a picture of the setup that you used.

About Switches

As you move on, you will install a switch.

static grass applicator partsThe switch used to turn the generator on and off must be carefully chosen.  We use on like shown at the left.

Some other types, particularly those with metal frames/holders create a feedback situation that burns out either the power supply or the generator.

If you assemble one of our kits, DO NOT use a switch other than the one supplied.







Never try to check continuity or voltage ANYWHERE that involves any output wire!

Never connect output green and output black.

Do not allow your dispenser to spark more than momentarily when it is close to the grounded surface.  Doing so will burn out the generator.


The Static Grass

Be sure to use a good static grass. You really should use the grass that you will apply to your substrate.  It will give you a good feel for how your grass will respond.  Here is a link to the grass that we recommend.


How Your Applicator Will Pull With A 9 Volt Battery

There are two videos below that show testing of the applicator.  Simply lay out some grass and hold your dispenser close.  These tests are done with 12 mm grass from PolandsBest. Click here to see.



link to testing static grass applicator
Video shows how to test static grass applicator

Click on the image or the link that follows to watch the video that shows how to run the test. How To Test A Static Grass Applicator





Trouble Shooting


Take pictures of your wiring and setup inside and out.

Send them to

Explain the problem.

Print this wiring diagram.

Check that all connections are proper. DO NOT CHECK CONTINUITY OR VOLTAGE!!!

Static Grass Applicator Video Tutorials

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