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Static Grass Basics

Things you should know about static grass.

First the static grass applicator that you use is very important. This video gives very good information. Do take the time to watch it.

YouTube video

Not all static grass is the same.  Batches vary in color, texture, material and responsiveness to a static field.

Substantial quantities of static grass are imported from the Far East.  Some of it looks like something exported from the Far East – shiny silicone look.  And colors will vary not only order to order buy also within a batch.

A more attractive grass has a wool flock look about it. This is what looks best.

When you are starting your venture into landscaping with static grass, start with a good commercial product. Don’t ruin what you are doing by using some cheap product. Spend a little more for a good product so that you end up with a good looking project.

Static Grass Applicators

Having the right kind of static grass applicator is extremely important if you want to be able to easily make scenery like this.

Applicators with grass hoppers that you have to shake to disperse the grass are great for large fields and trimmed lawn looks.  But when it comes to fine detail, nothing beats one that uses a tea or vegetable strainer type hopper.  And if it is modular so that you can use special applicator attachments for wire tree branches, bushes from lichen, ditch, gully and building base work, and much more, that is your best bet yet.


Your best source of information about what commercial static grass is “good” is probably model clubs in your area as well as modelers you meet at model shows.

We found that a grass preferred by most of the European modelers that we talked with is a grass made in Czech. It works well and looks very good.


And here is a link to get that grass.  Check it out now by clicking here.

Some people avoid the commercial products and make their own. It is easy to do, the final product good looking and the costs very low.

All one needs is human hair and dye.  Blond hair is best.

Hair dressers have abundant supplies available just for the asking. Alternatively, human hair wigs can be picked up at yard sales and thrift sales.

Wash it well to be sure it is sterile, dye it and cut it to size.

Some animal hair can also be used.  White rabbit fur works quite well.



First let us start with a table that shows grass lengths for your scale.

Length mm 00 CM Inch H0 CM Inch TT CM Inch N CM Inch
.1 7.6 3.0 8.7 3.42 12 4.7 14.8 5.8
.2 15.2 6 17.4 6.85 24 9.5 29.6 11.6
.4 30.4 12.0 34.8 13.7 48 18.9 59.2 23.3
.6 45.6 17.9 52.2 20.6 72 28.3 88.8 34.9
.8 60.8 23.9 69.6 27.4 96 37.7 118.4 46.6

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