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How Apply Static Grass

A tutorial with video and text showing how to apply static grass to a diorama or model train layout.


How To Apply Static Grass

  1. Apply white glue over base and add dirt from your yard or blended potting soil and gravel according to your plan.
  2. Add some darker dirt around track edges for contrast and highlight.
  3. Add fences and buildings.
  4. Add greenery. Do not yet add large trees. In their place add toothpicks where the trunks will be.
  5. Weeds made of woodland scenics turf t 45 is added in between pavements, and around walls.
  6. Make Tufts in place using 2mm and 5 mm static grass mix.
  7. Add extra 5 mm tufts in place.
  8. Add sand and turf.
  9. Add soil to fill open areas.
  10. Add bushes.

Static Grass Techniques In Video

To apply static grass you will need a static grass applicator. This video gives you a review of the types available for use.








Static Grass To Use can be bought at a discount under the link at the left.






The video to the left shows how to add grass tufts in place.

This video shows how to make bushes from sisal fiber rope.


Weed Trees
Trees Made From Weeds

For a fast and easy way to make small trees from weeds, this video shows the process.

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