How To Tint Static Grass

A tutorial on how to tint static grass when you want a different shade to do static grass detailing.

But first a couple notes.

There are essentially two times that you would be tinting static grass. First before you use it and second when it is in place.

Tinting when it is in place is probably the time to tint.  You can use an airbrush or dry brush various shades exactly where you want it.  Dry brushing gives you the best effect since it is easy to apply various shades of paint.

Remember that static grass is generally nylon or rayon fiber. They do not take dye well and applying paint only results in a lot of fibers sticking together.

Your best bet is to buy a good selection of various colors in different sizes and to blend them together before you apply them to your substrate. Even then you can go over them with a dry brush and get some fantastic results.

So our best recommendation is to get a good assortment of static grass before you go to work adding the grass to your substrate.

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