Static Grass Trees

static grass trees
Static Grass Trees that were made in the videos below.

How to make static grass trees.

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How to make a static grass trees

  1. Use a twisted wire armature at least 2 cm longer than the height of the tree you wish to make.
  2. Add 8mm static grass to your flockbox.
  3. Cover all of the bottom 2 cm of your wire Armature with spray glue.
  4. Insert the wire Armature into the tree making tool.
  5. Rotate the tool and allow static grass to attach itself to the Armature.
  6. Allow the glue to dry and then apply a second or third coat: of grass following the above procedures.

Materials And Equipment

Static Grass Applicator

DIY FlockBox

Static Grass 8mm

Static Grass 12 mm or longer


Watch the video below.

Part 2 is in the gallery below.

Notes on making static grass trees

Use spray glue. White glues tend to insulate the wire to the point where it will not draw this static grass.

The Woodlands Scenics wild grass is not as responsive to this static field as is the grass sold at the Poland’s best general store.

Use a flat pan so that you can easily rotate the applicator tool. A flat piece of sheet metal or a baking pan with no signs works well.

And closing the hand in a box save grass because a large amount of the grass will be pulled up but not touch the wire and will spill over onto the table. Using a box contains address so that you don’t waste it.

When you twist the wire twist in a couple centimeters longer then the tree height that you wish. That allows you to leave the lower part of the wire free of glue and you will get better response on the wire.

You can use common steel wire into by after building supply. Thicker wires will give you more surface area to attached grass.

Don’t add too much grass on the first pass. That allows you to have that openness that you find in natural trees.

Allowed the first has to dry for a few minutes. Then apply spray glue again and add a second pass. You can even add a third pass if you wish.

When adding second and third passes, add them only to the lower part of the trees. It is not necessary to add to the upper part because you are going to trim the tree anyway.

When flocking, use a fine blended turf.

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