Test Micro Servo

How To Test A Micro Servo for proper and free operation.

A very useful procedure when using clone micro servos that do not always operate smoothly.

Micro Servo Under Test
Micro Servo Under Test


Materials Required

Arduino Mega, Uno or Nano

Breadboard cables






Testing Micro Servo
Click on image to watch micro servo being tested.


A video showing how a micro servo is tested.  Click on the image to watch the video.






The following code will turn a servo motor to 0 degrees, wait 1 second, then turn it to 90, wait one more second, turn it to 180, and then go back.

// Include the Servo library 
#include <Servo.h> 
// Declare the Servo pin 
int servoPin = 3; 
// Create a servo object 
Servo Servo1; 
void setup() { 
   // We need to attach the servo to the used pin number 
void loop(){ 
   // Make servo go to 0 degrees 
   // Make servo go to 90 degrees 
   // Make servo go to 180 degrees 

he information in this page is adapted from Arduino Servo Motors

And it is part of our Arduino Projects Series.


Wiring Diagram

Wiring To Test Micro Servo
This shows the actual wiring to test a micro Servo.

Click on the image to see a larger version that you can print.







How To Install DCC++ Tutorial Library

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All the information in the tutorials above have been condensed from the work done by a group of volunteers who are continuing to make this system more fantastic than it is already.  Their work can be found her. DCC-Ex


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