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Static Grass Flowers

How to make static grass flowering grass tufts, flowers and flower gardens.

This is a simple process that you can use to make the flowers and weeds to really dress up your scenery.

How To Make Scale Model Flowers, Gardens And Weeds.
How To Make Scale Model Flowers, Gardens And Weeds.

There is very little that you need to make the flowers.  And because they are quickly made, you can make a large quantity in a short time.

So let’s start by discussing the general process.

The flowers will be on stems.  So we start by making a variety of stems. They can be made from sisal fiber or static grass of various lengths.

Below the stems, which we can refer to as shafts, there is normally a base of low greenery.





Making the flowers using only static grass is a one step process.  The video below shows that being done in detail.

If you want tufts with long sisal shafts, first make the base with static grass and before the glue dries, stick sisal fiber threads into the glue. You can get the static grass and sisal fiber that we use here.

Of course, you can simply make sisal fiber tufts by sticking sisal fiber threads into dots of glue.

Flowering Grass Tufts
Click On Image To See How These Flowering Grass Tufts Are Made.

Static Grass Flowers – Start with a static grass base and then add bristles for flower stems.






This tutorial is part of our series on how to use static grass and make static grass tufts.  You can review all the tutorials here.

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