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Static Grass Tutorials

Excellent tutorials showing how to apply static grass to layouts and dioramas.

Narrow Gauge Steam Engine
Narrow Gauge Steam Engine

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We show you how to do this.

Following the tutorials in this page, you will learn how to create realistic scenery, make fields that look like fields and not trimmed lawns, grass tufts, layered grass in one pass, make static grass flowers, static grass weeds and bushes, wire trees, fill gullies and add grass and weeds to stream sides, add rest of building bases, add grass to low overhead areas – all without waste and without difficulty and unnecessary cleanup.

This list is continually expanded as we make tutorials to that give a visual answer to questions and comments that we get.  So do be sure to bookmark it and come back often.

How To Apply Static Grass

  1. Draw your landscape plan on your layout.
  2. Gather the various grasses, glue, water and dust.
  3. Use a strainer type static grass applicator.
  4. No need to paint. Just apply thinned glue to surface.
  5. Apply beige grass base and then apply other colors.
  6. Add layer of dust to cover exposed glue.
  7. Allow to dry and vacuum.
tall static grass tuft
Click To Watch Video on adding static grass tufts in place.

How To Add Static Grass Tufts In Place –  This video shows you a fast and easy way to make static grass tufts.






How To Apply Static Grass – Part 3 Preparing Work Area –

How To Apply Static Grass – Part 4   Applying Grass –

How To Apply Static Grass – Part 5  Field With Bushes And Weeds – Make something that looks like a real field and not a trimmed lawn. This makes the difference between common and excellent scenery work.

Static Grass And Wire Trees – Static grass  makes fine branches on wire trees. No need to spend a lot of money on seafoam. Make a simple wire tree base and add static grass.

Adding Static Grass In Low Overhead Areas – Something you just can’t do with one of those commercial shake up and down applicators. See how simple it can be.

Adding Static Grass Around Borders – Building bases, rocks, and anything with a sharp border can make for difficult grass application. This shows how you can simply do it.

Static grass weeds – add some variety to your fields.

Static grass, bushes – turn lumps into realistic bushes.

Static grass weed patches – a simple technique to make weed patches anywhere.

Static Grass Flower Beds –




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