Why Make And How To Use Carton Or Papercraft Models

Carton models, also called paper models, card models or papercraft, are models constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper, paperboard, card stock, or foam. They come as printed plans and laser cut kits.

It’s truly amazing what you can do with a cereal box and other packing that you would normally throw away. Experienced paper modelers make models that put the best of plastic models to shame.

Types Of Carton Models


Uses Of Carton  Models

  • Quality Family Activity Time – Parents and Grand Parents use these models to teach and enjoy time with the kids.  And the kids respond well. Building these models with the kids is not only for Dad and GrandPa. Moms and GradMas have a great time too. Youngsters whose fingers have not yet developed enough to work alone, give the work their undivided attention GET THE KIDS OFF THE INTERNET AND GET THEM INTERESTED  IN A LIFE.


  • Baby Sitter And Kindergarten Activities – If you look at the examples below, you will see how well this goes over.  When we get youngsters given to us for a bit, out come the model plans.  Depending on their age, more or less attention is required. Baby sitters can bring a kit bag with them to quickly get control the easy way.


  • Camp And Vacation Activities – Rainy days and evenings can be trying.  Likewise indoor activities make schedules interesting In the examples below you see kids ranging from the 4th to 9th grades totally involved at a summer camp. Most, especially the young ones, hand carried their creations on the bus home and proudly showed  them to their parents.


  • Event Activities –  When families go to events or places where the kids do not get involved, a side table  set up for carton modeling keeps the kids quiet and happy. This applies to outdoor as well as indoor events. Our main experience has been using them at model railroad shows.  And most surprising, is that Dads even pulled off the shows and sat with the kids.  Look at the pictures in the examples.


  • Retirement And Other Group Facility Activities And Others Shut In – Carton models can keep people interested and active on either a group or individual basis. Model making is very popular among these groups. Carton models offer an inexpensive alternative to plastic and laser cut versions The diorama books are particularly attractive to these groups.


  • Diorama And Train Layout Scenery –  Carton models shine here. Look at the examples and you will see what we mean.


  • Temporary Floor Layouts For Kids With And Without Trains – There are all sorts of mini pads with roads, airport runways, parking lots and more that keep kids occupied for hours at a time.  Upgrade their time spent by giving them or building with them, carton model houses, garages, stores and so on And if they have temporary floor train layouts, use carton models for scenery.


  • Low Relief And Inexpensive Back Buildings On Train Layouts – Model railroaders “always use low relief buildings and shapes on the back walls of their layouts.  And most  often these are carton.


Examples Of Carton Model Activities

Carton Models For Group Activities

Carton Models For Family Activities

Carton Models For Kids

Carton Models For Events

Carton Models For Baby Sitters

Carton Models For Dioramas And Train Layout Scenery


Advantages Of Carton Models


Easy To Build –

Inexpensive –

Great For Kids And Adults Alike

Highly Detailed –

Print In Scales From 1/60 to 1/160 –



Before 3D printing, injection molding and the likes, pioneers, such as Tadeusz Dabrowski, made some of the most beautiful models that you could ever imagine. Their dedication and published works are a never ending gift to the modeling world.

Mr. Dabrowski, a friend of mine, has inspired my work in carton modeling. And I hope that in this site you can learn how to enjoy the wonderful, creative world of carton, paper or paper laser cut modeling. You can see a list of and examples of his works at Tadeusz Dabrowski

And to convince you further, you can Get A Free Carton Model Here to try and see how you like it.


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