Using Carton Models For Dioramas And Train Layout Scenery

Carton models find many uses in dioramas and train layouts.  Because of their variety and ease of making a carton model, n some cases, carton models are used exclusively.

Many buildings and other structures just don’t exist.  For example, a modeler may wish to reproduce a prototype.  The reproduction will have to be scratch built.  The choice of the material used is generally card or foam board with card being the most prevalent choice.

Card Model Factory Scene

The image to the left shows a model of a 19th century silver factory that was converted to a brass bullet casing factory during WWII.  It is made completely of card, wood coffee sticks and carbon fiber tube.

The lighting cycles through a 24 hour period with all lights programed to turn on and off on schedule. fires in the kilns, arc welders in sheds, sunrise sunset to sunrise overhead illumination and a periodically occurring thunderstorm. See Arduino Day And Night for details.




Card Models As Low Relief Buildings

All the buildings at the left are models of prototypes.  All are made of card.

All are lighted.  The lighting for these buildings was programmed using MobaLED

No doubt not all low relief building this complex, but they are important additions to layouts that have a backing, such as many shelf layouts, or are backed by a wall.




Card Models For Temporary Floor Layouts

Temporary floor layouts are generally the realm of the kids.  Carton models add a lot to the enjoyment that these layouts provide the kids.

Add a train station, a few garages for cars, and houses and the layout is elevated in the kids eyes to another level.

Some plans for card models,  such as those here, can be used many times. So when they wear out or become shabby due to misuse, they can be quickly and easily be replaced.

Get a free plan here to so how nice they are and how easy they are  to build.  Click Here.

Card Models For Layout Planning

Make a model of your model.  Put easily made, simple card models on your layout before you make your final decisions.  Step back and look at what it looks like.  Check that everything fits.  Assure yourself that the scenery flows.  Check how it fits with the landscaping. Get third party opinions.


Card Models For Dioramas

You can get card models to be added to your diorama or you can buy a complete set that includes scenic items.

The Christmas village that you see on the left is very popular.  It is made from twigs, card models, shaving cream and baking soda plus a little more.





You can see other examples of what is available for the diorama maker at these three links.

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