Wolsztyn Steam Engines

A list of all the steam engines in and around the Wolsztyn Steam Engine Roundhouse.

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There is much more information about Wolsztyn and there are videos of steam engines operating in Wolsztyn at the links in this sentence.

DesignationProducerFactory Number
Year Built
Ok1-359Schwartzkopff – Berlin6388/1917Wolsztyn – RoundhouseIn Service
Ok22-31PFLwP – Chrzanów238/1929Wolsztyn – RoundhouseIn Service
Ol49-7Fablok – Chrzanów2609/1951Wolsztyn – RoundhouseIn Service
Ol49-23Fablok – Chrzanów2625/1952Wolsztyn – RoundhouseIn Service
Ol49-59Fablok – Chrzanów3170/1953WolsztynIn Service
Ol49-69Fablok – Chrzanów3180/1953Wolsztyn – RoundhouseIn Service
Ol49-111Fablok – Chrzanów4073/1953Leszno – DepotIn Service
Pm36-2PFLwP – Chrzanów663/1937WolsztynIn Service
Pt47-65Fablok – Chrzanów2065/1949WolsztynIn Service
Pt47-112HCP Poznań1310/1949Wolsztyn – RoundhouseIn Service
Tr5-65Orenstein & Koppel8961/1921Wolsztyn – RoundhouseIn Service
Ty2-1086Orenstein & Koppel14327/1944Leszno – DepotIn Service
Ty3-2Schichau – Elbing4448/1944GnieznoIn Service
Ok1-322Linke – Hoffmann2269/1921Wolsztyn – RoundhouseOut Of Service
Ol49-60Fablok – Chrzanów171/1953Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ol49-85Fablok – Chrzanów3183/1953Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ol49-99Fablok – Chrzanów3211/1954GnieznoOut Of Service
Pt47-106HCP Poznań1304/1949Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
TKt48-143Fablok – Chrzanów4733/1956Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
TKt48-147Fablok – Chrzanów4737/1956Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ty1-76Linke – Hoffmann1866/1919Wolsztyn – RoundhouseOut Of Service
Ty2-406Orenstein & Koppel13821/1943Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ty2-1298Jung11297/1944Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ty42-148Fablok – Chrzanów1647/1946Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ty43-92HCP Poznań1273/1948Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ty43-123HCP Poznań1354/1949Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ty45-379HCP Poznań1388/1949Wolsztyn – RoundhouseOut Of Service
Ty5-10Schichau – Elbing3413/1940Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ty51-183HCP Poznań2475/1956Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service
Ty51-223HCP Poznań1532/1957Wolsztyn – StationOut Of Service




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