Animating Layouts And Figures

How to animate figures and accessories on a scale model railroad.

The links below come from a tutorial series published in Australia that does into depth on animation of a scale model railroad.  I have chosen some of those tutorials.

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The complete list of tutorials is here.

How To Make Voltage Regulator To Control Motor Speed – This is extremely useful

How To Create Animations  – Starts with showing a band and the motors that are used to animate the figures.

How To Make Animations Part 2 – Go through motors and circuits

How To Make Animations Part 3 – Shows animation of a coach and caboose

Motors And Circuits – A clinic showing the basics.  3v dc motors are used.

SMD Lanterns – How the lanterns are made and wired.

SMD Lanterns Part 2 – Details on the wiring.

Homemade Switch Stand. – Shows how to make a switch stand and animate it.

Fireman animation – fireman shoveling coal from tender

Dcc Animations – Details of animating a steam engine and a bell.

Caboose Conductors – How to animate a caboose conductor

Working Model Steam Engine – An excellent industrial steam engine animation.

Animation motors – Shows decoder used in animation

Animations How To – Very detailed how to make a figure move.

Multi Function Relay Modules –  An excellent way to turn things on an off.

Steam Boiler – Excellent animation of man adding coal to a boiler.

SMD Loco Fire – Uses fiber optics



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