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Static Grass Applicator Basics About The Types And Comparative Advantages

A look at the various types of static grass applicators that are available and what is best to use plus instructions on how to build your own.

There are three basic classes of static grass applicators.  The first is the shaker type and the second the external dispenser type and the third with is a hybrid,  the flyswatter. Each will be discussed in a separate section below.

We will review them in order of what we consider the order of usefulness.

Static Grass Applicator Video Tutorials


Fly Swatters Converted To Static Grass Applicators

The poor characteristics of the Fly Swatters converted to Static Grass Applicators simply makes their one positive characteristic of being cheap irrelevant.

These are generally discarded and replaced by one of the two other classes of static grass applicators.

Why?  They have low pulling power and the dispensers are usually to small to prevent the grass from flying about when one shakes them.

As one wag put it, the fly swatters only give flies mental shock treatment. They fly away with memory loss but ready to continue to irritate.

Your grass needs more than a mental shock.

We recommend against wasting your time making one of these.


Shaker Type Static Grass Applicators

DIY Shaker Static Grass Applicator
DIY Shaker Static Grass Applicator

To the left is a picture of a typical shaker type static grass applicator.

Excellent for adding static grass over large areas.  They are what one would describe as general purpose static grass applicators.  In

These are widely available and popular among many groups.

You can buy them ready made or build your own. Information about building your own can be found here.  YYYYY

If you are going to be doing basic static grass work,  one of these is fine.



Static Grass Applicators That Use External Dispensers

Static Grass Applicator with grass dispenser
Static Grass Applicator with grass dispenser

To the left is a picture of an external dispenser type static grass applicator.

Nothing compares to these for making finely detailed scenery.

They consist of a main static field generating unit to which you add a grass dispenser in the form of a tea or vegetable strainer or other grass scenery tools. (information about them is here.)

The advantages of  external dispenser type static grass applicator of this type are significant.

  • Easy to control where the grass is being applied.
  • It can be used to groom edges along the sides of buildings and fences.
  • It can be used to power your own simple DIY flock box.
  • You can change grass in the dispenser quickly and easily.
  • You can apply grass in places not reachable with a shaker. In low overhead areas, under bridges, at tunnel entrances, for example.
  • You can add unique dispensers to do such things as add static grass branches to trees – wire, wooden and plastic armature-based trees.
  • And if you really want, you can use it as a shaker type dispenser.

You can buy one that is plug and play or a kit to build one.   Review what is available here.




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