FastLed Tutorials For Using Pixel LED Strips

This page contains a fantastic tutorial series on using FastLED with Pixel strips. We consider that if you are going to use pixel leds, particularly with FastLed, watching each of these videos is essential.

All of this series is in the Scott Manley YouTube channel.

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FastLed Basics – Part 1

FastLED Color: RGB and HSV – Part 2

FastLed Pallets – Part 3

FastLED Waves and blur – Part 4

FastLED -Multiple patterns using a timer or button – Part 5

FastLED Noise – Part 6

Code Explained

HOW TO USE WS2812B NEOPIXELS WITH FASTLED ON ARDUINO – Once you have watched the above, this will give you  specific information.

Github Pixel Types – Gives names of supported colors

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