DC Train Control

Tutorials for a few systems that you can use to control your DC or analog powered trains.

Each system is covered separately by text and video tutorials.

DIY Power Pack
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Manual control from a DIY power pack is simple, inexpensive and easy to set up. Actually this is my favorite system.

It is great for kids to use on a floor layout.

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And there is a video to the left.



Model train block wiring diagram
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How to wire a DC layout for Block control.  Analog Block Control






The following systems take a bit of work to set up.  But if you are determined, it is said that they work well. I have not tried them yet because I am happy with my DIY power pack and have not yet found time.


This system allows you to use JMRI for remote DC train control. It is a bit complex, but well worth the effort. Click here.






Wireless DC control of 3 locomotives with joystick. This is quite a piece of work.   Probably worth an early try.  Click Here.





A system to control a DC train on your phone. The version to run one train is free. But I put this on the bottom of the list because of upsells and extras needed to control more than one locomotive. Phone Control

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