QCAD Tutorials

This page takes you through the process of using QCad to make a brass fret that you can send to etching services.

The videos are in depth and detailed and well worth the time it takes to watch them.

At the bottom of the page is a link to a page that shows how to etch at home as well as links to brass etching services.


Quick Start Guide – Good, 27 min overall look.

Part 1  – Introduction

Part 2  – Drawing Lines

 Part 3   – Snap Points

Part    – Outlines        Covers parallel lines and trimming to make the outline.

Part    –  Curves

Part 6    Details

Part 7  Etch And Fill Shows making half etch rivets and then  filling.  Filling starts at minute 6:39 .

Etch Tips

Part 8   Framing


Import Image  –

Another large group of tutorials



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