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Warsaw Train Museum

The largest collection of standard gauge  steam engines in Poland  is located at the Warsaw Train Museum along with a treasure trove of railroad history.

Steam Locomotive TK48

The Warsaw train Museum is located in the unused Warsaw Glowna train station. Go to the main page with location by clicking here.

There are three main parts the museum. There is a large display area that you see when you first enter. It is filled with some extremely well done large-scale models of historic engines, primarily steam engines.

There are also rooms with artifacts, some small train layouts and other miscellaneous exhibits.

There is a well stocked and supervised library where you can do your own research or have someone do research for you.

There is a modelling exchanges in Station Museum held on the second Sunday of each month for the whole year.

If you are interested in selling, contactphone: +48 22 620 04 80, ext. 112 , e-mail:

Then in the outdoor display at the Warsaw Train Museum there is a large display of rolling stock. Here is a list of what you can see in the outdoor display.

Ki1-28 Steam passenger tank locomotive, 1904
Oi1-29 Steam passenger locomotive with tender, 1905
TKi3-119 Steam freight tank locomotive, 1913
OKo1-3 Steam passenger tank locomotive, 1920
TKh1-13 Steam freight locomotive, 1920
Tr6-39 Steam freight tender locomotive, 1923
Os24-10 Steam passenger locomotive, 1926, actually Os24-7 with wrong number painted on it
OKa1-1 Steam passenger tank locomotive, 1931
OKl27-26 Steam passenger tank locomotive, 1931
TKbb Nr 10282 Steam locomotive without tender, 1934
TKl100-16 Steam passenger and freight locomotive with tender, 1934
Pm2-34 Express steam locomotive, 1936
TKz-211 Steam freight tank locomotive, 1938
Pm3-3 Express steam locomotive with separate tender, 1940
PzTrWg16 Motorised armoured train, 1942
TKp-4147 Steam freight tank locomotive, 1942
Ty2-572 Steam freight locomotive with tender, 1943
TKc100-10 Steam passenger tank locomotive, 1944
Tr203-451 Steam freight locomotive, 1945
Ryś 1541 Narrow gauge steam locomotive, 1946
Ty42-120 Steam freight locomotive, 1946
Pt47-104 Express steam locomotive with tender, 1947
Ty43-17 Steam freight locomotive, 1947
TKt48-36 Steam passenger tank locomotive, 1951
EP02-02 – Electric passenger locomotive, 1954
EU20-24 Electric freight and passenger locomotive, 1957
Ty51-228 Steam freight locomotive with tender, 1958
ET21-66 – Electric freight locomotive, 1960
SM25-002 Diesel shunter, 1962
SM15-17 Diesel shunter, 1965
ST44-001 Diesel freight locomotive, 1965
SM41-190 Diesel shunter, 1966

There are also passenger, freight and military cars.

The Warsaw Train Museum is well worth a visit.

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