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Things To See And Places To Visit

Information about places to visit in Poland for the person interested in railroad and railroad related industrial history.

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In Poland

Wolsztyn Train Museum

Warsaw Train Museum

Sochaczew Train Museum

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Skierniewice Locomotive Depot


Chabowka –  South Of Krakow. Near Raba.



Warsaw WKD Museum


Steel Mill –

Skansen Parowozownia Kościerzyna –

Museum of Industry and Railway in Jaworzyna Śląska is one of the necessary points on the map of every rail fan. This place offers undoubtedly the largest collection of historic locomotives and wagons in Lower Silesia.
The exhibition of the museum includes more than 50 locomotives (including models from Poland, Germany, Austria, as well as England and the USA), about 50 wagons and many other exhibits related to the rail.  Muzeum Przemysłu i Kolejnictwa w Jaworzynie Śląskiej is located in a former steam locomotive depot in Jaworzyna Śląska,Lower Silesian voievodship.Kopalnia Szczescie Beaty

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Train Layouts And Historic Models

Makieta City –  A large layout that is very well done.  Located at the National Stadium, Warsaw, it is easy to reach by car, tram, bus and train. Great for the kids and train enthusiasts.

Warsaw 1935

Borowic Large Train Layout – A tourist attractive train display and model shop.
Zespol Szkol Kommunikacji Poznan– Large Train Layout in Poznan
Kolejkowo – Kolejkowo is located in one of the oldest railway stations in Wrocław. The Świebodzki Station is situated in the heart of Wrocław close to Plac Orląt Lwowskich and less than 800m from Wrocław Market Square. When visiting the miniature world, in this magnificent and late-classicistic structure you can see, for instance, the models of structures from Wrocław and the whole region of Lower Silesia. The architectural masterpieces, such as the Świebodzki Station, the Town Houses of Wrocław Market Square, the Meteorological Observatory at the top of Śnieżka, the Secrets of Karkonosze Mountains in Karpacz, or the Szwajcarka Shelter in Western Sudetes, can also be found there.

Gliwice  –  Near Katowice.  The web page is in Polish.  Well worth a visit if you are in the area.


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