High Voltage Anion Generator 15kv DC Output 12v DC Input For Static Grass Applicators And Flock Boxes

high performance ion generator
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An anion generator  especially designed for use in and to  make  DIY static  grass applicators and flock boxes.

It is a variable input and output negative ion generator.  You can power it with any DC power source of 4.5 volts to 12 Volts DC.  The output static field varies with the input voltage with the field being FRFF at 4.5 volts input and a nominal 15 kv DC with a 12 volt DC input.

It is so well designed that it performs excellently even when powered by a 9 volt battery. In fact, many people use it with only a battery.

General Considerations

When making a static grass applicator, it is best to use a static field generator, also known as in anion generator, that creates a large static field. That is because you want the grass to stand straight up.

The higher the static field the greater the pull power. Because a higher field also pulls the grass toward the dispenser screen better, the grass does not fly all over the layout.  That eliminates having to use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the grass. And that ultimately leads to less wasted grass.

Pulling Power

As mentioned above, many modelers prefer to power the unit with a 9 volt battery.

That is because they are not hindered by wires when working and because even at 9 volts input, the pulling power is fine.

Of course, if you use 12 volts, the effect is greater.

This short demonstration shows how 12 mm static grass responds when the unit is powered by a 9 volt battery.



You can get the grass here.

You can get a generator alone here.

You can get kits and static grass applicators that use this anion generator here.

Get a FREE book that details how to make a static grass applicator click on the link.  A pdf will open and you can save it to your device.  Click Here

Anion Generator Details

anion generator wiring diagram
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This anion generator has a single output lead and a special grounding lead to ensure that you get a full and effective 12 to 15 kV static field. We had it designed that way so it would be most effective in a static grass generator.

This negative ion generator, also known as an anion generator, was designed specifically to be used in static grass applicator’s. It can, of course, be used in any other application that requires a static field of 12 to 15 kV.

A large number of other negative ion generators are designed to be used in air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and other air purification equipment.






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This unit differs in that the wiring is such that there is a single lead on the output side which leads is to be attached to the static grass container. The voltage on that lead reaches -15 kV DC.

There is a green lead that is the ground lead to be used to connect to the surface on which the static grass is being applied. Making such a connection assures full potential and best utilization of the maximum voltage output. That makes the grass stand up very well.

A unique feature is that the voltage output on this unit will vary between 6kV DC and 15 kV DC.

When we designed this, we took into consideration feedback from beta testers that sometimes it might be useful to work with lower output voltages or lower input voltages. As a result, you can use any input voltage from 5vDC to 12vDC. The output will vary from 6kvDC to 15kvDC. The higher the input voltage, the higher the output voltage.

So you have a lot of flexibility for your application.

Anion Generator Specifications

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Input: 12vdc

Output:  6kvdc -15kvdc  – depends on input voltage – 5vdc to 12vdc

Size – Body 6 x 3 x 4 cm — Base 8 x 4.5 x .3 cm

Ships From Europe And US

Model Number – TBF-yd12122

Weight – 109 grams

Wire Lengths – 30 cm





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This anion generator is the heart of a kit that you can get to build your own Homemade Static Grass Applicator. Read about that by clicking on the image to the left.








The video to the left shows how to build that static grass applicator.








high performance ion generator
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And once again the image on the left will take you to where you can get the anion generator alone.











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