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How To Design And Test An Arduino Circuit

How to design and test an Arduino Circuit.

The two systems here will get you started quickly. They are free and beginner friendly.

Wokwi Code Simulator

We prefer to use Wokwi. Is is a well supported code simulator.  There is also a Discord where you can ask for AND GET detailed help.

It contains a good selection of examples that are ready to use as well as making good starting points for your own code.

Here is a link to our page with some direct links and tips and hints for using it.  Wokwi

We used to go to the FastLed Redit site for help with Pixel leds, but there you only get lectures and told not to ask for any help coding.  They tell you to lean how to code.  So as far as help goes, they are history.

At Wokwi, they will change your code to make it work.

This is an example of a Wokwi Simulation.  It shows the operation of our slow moving turnout motor sketch. Details about that are here. Turnout Motor



TinkerCad – Is another easy to use, free circuit design and test program.  Do look at it and try it.  We have used it and have settled on Wokwi generally because of the fantastic, responsive help.

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