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Arduino 4 Traffic Lights With Or Without Pedestrian Warning Signals

How to use Arduino to make  model road intersection traffic lights with or without added pedestrian crossing lights.

The sketch provided here is designed and commented so that you may adjust them to your needs.

For more on using Arduino on a Model Railroad Cilck On Arduino Model Railroad Projects.

This tutorial is part of our series Arduino Projects. There is a video playlist at Playlist




The sketch can be reviewed at PasteBin at this link. You can review it and download it there.   When downloaded it comes to you in ASCII format so you can add it directly to your IDE.

Wiring Instructions

There are total of 12 LED’s used in this project. Each signal has 3 LED’s (Red, Yellow and Green) connected to it through the 220 ohm resistors. The resistors are used to limit the current that is going to pass through the LED’s. If you won’t use the resistors then the LED’s may burn due to excessive current.

Wiring Diagram

This project is part of our Arduino Tutorial Series

Video Tutorial For Four Traffic Lights

Scale Model Tutorials Traffic Light Video
Click to watch video tutorial

Click on the image to the left or on this link to watch the Traffic Lights in Action.

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