Arduino Projects

A collection of Arduino projects and tutorials for the model railroaders.

As you go through these always keep in mind that you can get personal help with anything that uses Arduino by going to the Arduino forums. 

Arduino power considerations – If you are going to use Arduino boards, you must know their limitations. This goes through some important details.

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Your Tutorials And Arduino Projects


How To Setup To Use An Arduino Board –

Arduino Power Considerations -You should always have this in mind.

How To Change And Upload An Arduino Sketch. -Basic information that is useful to any Arduino User.

How To Combine Arduino Sketches –

How to use Shift Registers. – This explains how you wire the LEDs when controlling 3 or more switch machines.

Arduino Animation Ideas


Note that you can get the parts to animate your layout/diorama at Home And Hobby.

Control 1 or 2 DIY slow motion switch machines with signal lights  on each leg. – An effective way to add realism to your layout at a very low cost.

Control 3 or more slow motion switch machines with signal lights on each leg. – Because of Arduino power considerations you must shift your LEDS out from the Arduino Board.  This page gives you the sketch and shows you how to do it.

Sensor activated flashing lights. – For use at a level crossing without crossing gates.  Lights turn on and off as the train passes over the crossing.

Button activated flashing lights. – For you on cars, trucks or any other place that you want flashing lights.

Level Crossing with gates and lights. – Makes an excellent animated level crossing.

Traffic Lights

Single Traffic Light

3 Aspect Modular Block Detection

Arduino LED Fire Effect
Click on this image to see how it looks in action.

Fire Effect –  This is a versatile sketch that you can use to light dioramas, model railroad layouts,  home fireplaces, and table centerpieces.

The video to the left shows how it looks and works.





Arc Welder Effect


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