Arduino Projects

A collection of Arduino projects and tutorials that you can use to animate your model railroad.

The projects are laid out so that a beginner can easily use Arduino on a train layout. Experts will also find them useful.


Arduino Projects
Arduino boards used to make a DCC control station.

Your Tutorials And Arduino Projects



Arduino Power Considerations -You should always have this in mind.

How To Change And Upload An Arduino Sketch. -Basic information that is useful to any Arduino User.

How To Combine Arduino Sketches –

How to use Shift Registers. – This explains how you wire the LEDs when controlling 3 or more switch machines.


As you go through these always keep in mind that you can get personal help with anything that uses Arduino by going to the Arduino forums. 

Build DCC Control Station – With this DCC Base Station you can operate your trains from you computer.

Add WiFi To DCC Base Station –  DCC WiFi control is quite easy to set up.  This page shows you how to do it.

Add DCC Software To Base Station – Program your DCC Control station by following this procedure.

Test Micro Server – It is helpful to test every Micro Servo before you use it.

Set Micro Server Initial Position Do this prior to installing  your servo in your project.

Two Turnout ControlControl 1 or 2 slow motion switch machines with signal lights  on each leg. – An effective way to add realism to your layout at a very low cost.

Multiple Turnout ControlControl 3 or more slow motion switch machines with signal lights on each leg. – Because of Arduino power considerations you must shift your LEDS out from the Arduino Board.  This page gives you the sketch and shows you how to do it.

Control Switch Machines PCA9685 – This is an easy way to install servo controlled switch machines.

Automatic Flashing LightsSensor activated flashing lights. – For use at a level crossing without crossing gates.  Lights turn on and off as the train passes over the crossing.

Manual Flashing lights – Button activated flashing lights. – For you on cars, trucks or any other place that you want flashing lights.

Crossing GatesLevel Crossing with gates and lights. – Makes an excellent animated level crossing.

4 Way Traffic LightsTraffic Lights

Single Traffic LightSingle Traffic Light

Block Detection3 Aspect Modular Block Detection

LED FiresFire Effect –  This is a versatile sketch that you can use to light dioramas, model railroad layouts,  home fireplaces, and table centerpieces.

Arc Welder EffectArc Welder Effect

12v To 9v Voltage Converter –  This is useful if you wish to use a external power rather than having to connect a board to your computer.  Instructions here.


Animation Ideas – This layout animation page shows projects that will be added to this project list.



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