Scale Model Birch Trees

How to make scale model birch trees.

A Scale Model Birch Tree Swamp

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Wire For Armatures

Wire To Use For Armature









Three HO scale trees ready for branches.

Three Armatures Ready For Branches The steps taken to get this point are below.







Armature First Step

The First Step In Making Armatures Decide on the diameter of your base and height of the tree as well as its basic shape. This shows the first step for a tree 12 cm high.  I like to use wire cut from a single cable.






Armature For Smaller Scale Tree

For smaller trees, you may want to use wire strands folded and twisted to give you enough branches.  The strands are very thin so you will have to be careful when working them.

These are particularly useful when making N Scale Trees.





The pictures for additional information are being processed.

How to add leaves to Birch tree Armatures

Color a batch of long grass or DIY Sissel fiber.

You can cover it using food color or pigment.

I use pigment that I buy at the local building supply. To get the colors that I want I mix green with black and make a separate mix of  of Olive green. And then as a third option I mix olive green with black to give me a darker color.

The green with black works quite well on its own. But sometimes after that dries I give it a light coat of the olive green.

Set them aside to dry or, if you are in a hurry, dry with a hairdryer.

The fibers will tend to stick together. Brush them straight using a toothbrush.

I use tacky glue applied to the bottom of the branch ends to hold the fiber.

Cut a few pieces of the fiber about 1 cm, plus minus, and separate the strands a bit.

Turn your armature over and apply the tacky glue.

Stand the fibers on the glue. When you add the fibers, don’t overdo it. You can always go back later and add more.

Stand your armature upright and blow the fibers down.

Don’t worry, You can always go back and cut some out or add more.

Set aside to let the glue dry.

Adjust as necessary.

To add leaves, spray the fibers.  Only spray the fibers.  Use spray glue or hairspray.  I use a gel hairspray.

Lightly sprinkle on the leaves.  I do this by hand.

Prototype leaves are about 5-6 cm long.  I use ground moss that I pick in the forest. I color that with a green and black pigment mix.

I also make leaves by dying oregano and then cutting it small by running it through a bladed coffee grinder.


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