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Magnet Wire Soldering How To Solder Magnet Wire

The preparation and soldering process when using magnet wire.  General purpose soldering and SMD LED considerations discussed.

Magnet Wire Preparation.

Magnet wire is coated with an insulating enamel. To solder this wire, the enamel must be removed.

The most efficient way to do this is to dip the tip of the wire into solder at 500 degrees.  The enamel will burn off and the copper tip will be tinned silver.

If you use your normal soldering station to do this, the tip will require cleaning and possible reconditioning to clean the effects of the enamel. Using a different soldering iron is recommended.

It is important that the solder be hot enough so that the tip is tinned completely.  There should be no discoloration. If trace amounts of enamel are left, making a solder joint is not probable.

Once the tip of the magnet wire is tinned, it can be soldered as needed. Magnet wire bends well and holds its shape nicely, so routing it and cutting to size isn’t too difficult.

This video shows the process.

video how to remove enamel from magnet wire
Click To Watch Video


Joining Pieces Of Magnet Wire

There are two considerations here.

The first concerns the joining magnet wire to magnet wire.  The second concerns joining magnet wire to other insulated wire.

When joining magnet wire pieces, the usual connecting techniques are used.  Depending on the final use the joint should be insulated with either a liquid enamel or shrink tube.

soldering magnet wireSome magnet wire is very thin even to the point of being hair like.  Connecting it to  other insulated wire is advisable. This is easily done by lying the tips side by side on a piece of ceramic tile, or equivalent, and tapping with a fine tipped soldering iron tip on which a small amount of solder has bee applied.



shrink tube on magnet wireThe joint needs protection from bending. Protect it by covering the joint with shrink tube.




Soldering To  LEDs

This process is one that requires absolute cleanliness.

SMD LEDAnd that starts with the cleanliness of the tips of the magnet wire. All other soldering tools must also be absolutely clean.

This video shows the soldering of the magnet wire to an SMD LED. Watch here.

The wire used with these LEDs is “hair fine”. It must be joined to thicker insulated wire. The joining is done as described above.

You can also visit our page on Soldering LEDs to Magnet Wire.

Get SMD LEDs here





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