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How To Print A Model Plan To Scale

How to set your printer to scale and properly print a carton model.

This page contains some printer settings that you can use to print the more popular scales.

You can generate setting for other scales by using theĀ  Excellet Online Scale Converter that you find at this link.

Many models from card built models will come to you in 1 to 60 scale. That is a very convenient scale to use for most diorama’s.

But if you wish to use these models in train layouts, or generally wish to reduce the size, when you choose to print you will get an option to choose the scale.

If you choose to print at 1 to 60, (at 100%.

But if you choose to print in a smaller scale, choose the option that allows you to print at a custom scale. And then use the percentage settings shown below.

For example, if you would like to print and TT scale, which is 1 to 120, choose a custom scale of 50%.

1/60 to other scales

OO Scale 1/72 – 83.33%

HO Scale 1/87 68.97%

TT Scale 1/120 50%

N Scale 1/148 40.5%

N Scale 1/160 37.5%

Should you have a plan in 1 to 87 scale, use these percentages the print in the other common scales.

1/87 to other scales

1/60 114.47%

OO Scale 1/72 120.83 %

TT Scale 1/20 72.5%

N scale 1/148 58%

N Scale 1/160 54.38%

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