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How To Wire A DC Model Train Layout For Multiple Train And Block Control

How to wire a DC model train layout for multiple train and block control.

There are three aspects to a DC, or otherwise called analog, layout.  They are the track wires, power distribution  and power supply. Each are covered in this page.

Track Wires

Most locos won’t use much over, if that at all, 2 amps.  To be safe, I use wire that is capable of passing 3 amps.

wire clipsConnecting various parts of the wire network can be a chore unless you use the right connectors.  To the left is an image of connects I just love.   You get firm connections fast and easy. You can get them here.

Power Distribution

This is a basic block wiring diagram set up for two cab control.  The positive rails are isolated and the negative rail is continuous and connected to a common ground.  You can copy this image and use it for reference and notes.  Below the image is a video with explanation.




This video gives you a detailed explanation of the wiring diagram above.





Power Supply

When your blocks are in place, you can use any power pack on hand. There are many commercial varieties available.

But before you spend a lot of money, here is a way that your power supply can be inexpensively made.  This link takes you to an illustrated step by step guide with supporting video instructions that show you how to make your own.  Click Here.


Questions, Comments, Help

If you need help getting your layout running, have any questions or have comments that would help us make this page better, please contact us here.






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