Millis How To Use Millis Function Examples And Code Simulation

A collection of millis examples that make it easy for you to use Millis.

Millis can be one of the most confusing as well as frustrating pieces of arduino code to use. This page contains code examples that you can modify to suit your needs.

Baldengineer Examples Page – This channel helps with millis and a lot more.  It is well worth watching.

Fun With Millis Examples –  Has a woki sketch for a series of examples.. This is a github page that in addition to the code has Wokwi simulations completed for you.  You can click on them and see how they really work.


This is a particular script that we use quite often.

nsigned long targetTime=0
targetTime=millis()+10000 //how long you want to wait
Then in your main loop
If ( targetTime > millis() )
targetTime = 0 //or next interval
// Do timed action

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