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Bending Tool

How to make a bending and shaping tool for scale model detail items.

The use of this tool dates back to the early day of model railroading when modelers often made their own track rails.

It is also useful for making grab rails, gutters., door handles, tie points and ladder rungs for the side of buildings and chimneys. And it also make a convenient desk top anvil of sorts.

Metal Bending ToolThe link to the left takes you to a video showing details about making this tool.






Scale Model Door HandlesThis link take you to instructions on using it to make door handles.






This link takes you to instructions on using it to make gutters.

You need only some steel strap, a piece of hardwood and a couple screws.

Route a cavity into which you can insert the steel strap so that it is level with the surface of the wood.

Screw one thin metal strap in place.

Set the distances that you will normally use to make gutters and handles.  Make holes so you can screw the second strap in place.

For other distances, drill small holes along the outer edge into which you insert nails to hold the strap in place. Mark the distances with a felt tip pen so that you remember what they are. To hold the strap in place, use blue tack.


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