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A Useful Third Hand

How to modify a third hand tool so that it can be better utilized for soldering and other work.

The recommended changes are simple, but very effective.  They can change your entire soldering experience.

Third Hand Tool
Click on image to watch how it is done.

The image to the left shows the first step in the modification and usage processes.  If you click on the image you will be taken to a video that shows everything and how it can make wiring LEDs very easy.

Step 1 is to remove the clamp linkage from the metal support pole.  Replace that with a wood dowel, or another metal pole that you can support with a vise or other clamp.

Step 2 is to grind the teeth off the alligator clips.  To make them less aggressive you can cover the jaws with electric shrink tube.

After that it is a matter of modifying clothes pins that you can use in place of the metal alligator clips.

Below are other tutorials on soldering.

Soldering Tutorials

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Diy Solder FluxVideo

This flux is extremely nice to use. It does not even require you to thoroughly clean the surface of the metal.

Coat your PCB or other boards with it and let them dry. No need to use any other flux thereafter.



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HO Scale Brass I Beams
Click on image to watch video

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Third Hand
How To Make A Third Hand Useful

How To Make A Third Hand Useful – Your entire soldering experience will change if you do what is shown in this page. It is best to click on the image and watch the video.


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