Chabowka Train Museum

About the outdoor train museum located in Chabowka, Poland.

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Chabowka is located in Southern Poland.  Because it is located off the road to Zakopane, one can sometimes get involved in some very heavy traffic.

Regardless of traffic, a visit is well worth the time and effort.

Here is a map so you can find it.  If you click on view larger map, you can also get contact information.

It exhibits about 90 historical railway rolling stock  – Steam Locomotives, Diesel Motor Units, Heritage Diesel/Electric Locomotives, Carriages, freight cars, mail vans and special luggage vans

Engines that can be seen there include:  OKz32-2, 474.013, Ty42-107, TKt48-18, TKt48-191, Ty42-24, Pt47-65, Ol49-59, TKh05353.

Here is a video showing some of the engines and a couple snippets of an annual train parade.


And here is a video showing connected steam engines that were shown on the same day as that above.

This museum is highly recommended.



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