Textures For Scale Model Layouts

How to choose and size textures for scale models.

This page shows you how to modify the default size of textures that you download.

Scale modelers, are generally most interested in brick textures. To modify one of them to your scale requires you to know nominal brick sizes.

In this example I am working with bricks that were used to reconstruct buildings in Warsaw, Poland after the city was destroyed during World War Two.

Substitute common brick sizes for your area.  The process followed does not change.

Reconstruction of Warsaw was done with bricks measuring 24 cm by 7 cm by 12 cm,  26 cm by 7 cm by 11 cm and 27 cm by 8 cm by 11 cm.  These are measurements that I took off Warsaw buildings.  There may be others.

The mortar between the bricks is uniformly 2 cm.

We will use Inkscape to make the adjustment.

Open import the texture into Inkscape.

Draw a square (in this case I am using 27 cm by 7 cm. ) dimensioned according to your brick size. Reduce the opacity.

The critical size is the height. The texture brick length will adjust as you adjust the height. There will be half bricks to which you must pay attention.  They may be lain so the face showing is the brick depth or an actual half.  Make another square


Metal Plates Texture – A very specific page

Textures. com  – A large selection of free textures.

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