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How To Make Acrylic Glue

An inexpensive and easy way to make your own acrylic glue.

The resulting liquid glue is an extremely useful modelers resource.  I use this to make ho scale lamp globes by dipping a pre-wired smd LED into the glue and then finger molding it to the shape I want.  I also fill street lamp shades with a drop of the glue to get a better lighting effect.  And then, of course, I use it to glue acrylic sheet.

The process for making it is straightforward.  The key is to have the right materials.

Materials Required

Acetone – Off the shelf acetone that you can get at your local building supply.

Glass Jar With Tight Fitting Lid –  Acetone has the uncanny ability to evaporate through the smallest of openings. So a jar with a rubber seal is best.  A small mason jar works fine.

Scraps of Acrylic Sheet – Break them into small pieces to speed up the dissolving process.


Add some acrylic scraps to the jar. Don’t add too many.  Try to avoid leftover glue.  After you do this once or twice you will understand why and better be able to judge how much you want to make at a time.

Cover the scraps with acetone.

Seal the jar well and let sit overnight.

The acetone will dissolve the scraps and you will be left with a thick liquid.  If it is too thick, add more acetone.

This glue will dry quickly.

If after completing your project and storing the glue that is left, it dries, just add acetone to refurbish it.

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