How To Make A Turntable Drive Mechanism

How to make a model railroad turntable drive mechanism.

This takes you through the process of building the drive mechanism .


This mechanism uses a geared down high torque 12 v DC motor.  Control indexing of that motor as you wish.  We, however use an indexing control circuit that you review at DIY Turntable

Turntable Drive Mechanism Materials Required

  • Motor
  • Gears – Get gears here. Actobotics
  • PVC pipe to make mounting plates (you can also use sheet steel, sheet aluminum)
  • Threaded rods with nuts.
  • PCA glue
  • slip ring
  • Tube as a “drive rod”


Prepare your mounting plates.  We use PVC pipe shaped using the procedure that you see here. Bending PVC Pipe

Insert your slip ring in the bottom plate.

Mount the motor on the center plate

Drill holes in the top and center plates to pass the tube to the bridge.

Add gears to drive rod and motor.

Run wires through the drive rod to the bridge.  Don’t trim them yet.


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