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Static Grass Wire Trees

static grass trees
Static grass trees made in the video tutorials below.

A tutorial in text and video that shows you how to add foliage on a base of static grass to wire trees.

The image on the left shows a sample of this type tree.

There are complete video instructions below.






How To Make Static Grass Wire Trees

  1. Add long static grass to flock  box surface
  2. Coat copper wire armature with spray glue.
  3. Using static grass applicator holding tool. rotate armature over grass.
  4. Trim the grass to shape the tree.



static grass applicator
Click For More Information

To make these wire trees, we will be using a static grass applicator about which you can find complete information at this link.






DIY Flock Box
Click On Image To Watch Video On How To Make DIY Flock Box.

The video on the left shows how that static grass applicator is used to make a DIY flock Box.






Static Grass Collection
Click On Image To See Static Grass At A Discount.

You can get a collection  of static grass in the colors and sizes of your choice by clicking on the image on the left.







Static Grass Trees
Click On Image To Watch How To Make Static Grass Wire Trees

This video shows you the process of making scale model static grass wire trees. There are two videos used to demonstrate the process. This first video is part one.  It shows how to make the basic tree.


Part 2 shows you how to trim and flock the basic trees made in part 1.







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