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Warsaw Coal Tower Drone View

About a trip to the Coal Tower at Odolany, Warsaw.

This page contains video information as well as a gallery showing additional information about the visit October, 2020 on an early Sunday morning between rain showers. The weather conditions made it perfect for taking pictures without sun interference.

Marek Kempe, Gary Granai and Katarzna Swiatek (Mrs. Granai) comprised the visiting group.

Video footage was made by Marek Kempe using his   Pro drone. It is only appropriate at this point to note that Mr. Kempe is a well known multi talented modeler and drone video wizard.  Here are links to some of his works.

And here is a link to the video that he posted about the drone session. Video

The purpose of the visit was twofold 1) to get accurate measurements of the height of various points on the tower so that a model can be made 2) to make an accurate historical record of the tower and the surrounding area.

Plans for the tower have not been found as of the time of the visit and posting this page. So far we believe that the plans and pictures of the area are in the PKP archive, more specifically PKP Real Estate. PKP response to our queries so far has been that due to COVID19 restrictions, most employees are working remotely from their homes. We have been given phone numbers to specific offices which have gone unanswered.



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