Ultimate Tree Machine

How to make the ultimate Spruce tree machine.

You find many different versions of tree machines on the web. This one is extremely simple and doesn’t require any extra work or special storage.

All that you need is a flat piece of wood that you can clamp to the edge of your bench. You need a second clamp to hold the open end of the tree armature. And that’s it.

Once you have your fiber in the wire armature make a couple twists on either end the armature to temporarily hold the fiber in place and to give you catch points when you hook it to the board.

Clamp the open end tightly at the edge of the board and use a drill with a simple hook inserted into the drill chuck.

Then slowly twist it.

If I want to make a large number of trees, I batch process.  I add fiber to a large number of wire armatures and put them aside. Then I clamp the board to the bench and twist without interruption.

Here is  a video that shows how it works.


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