How To Build Wood Rail Model Fences

How to make wood rail fences for dioramas and other scenery projects.

This page contains a video that shows and actual build of two types of wood rail fences and below the video is explanatory text.

You can use almost any kind of wood to make the rail fences. Toothpicks, veneer, coffee sticks, matchsticks, craft sticks, or the wood from discarded fruit crates sanded and cut thin.

You may even want to use twigs to make either a fence made from poles or split larger twigs and make a split rail fence.

Making a rail fence takes a little bit of time but when you put it in your diorama for layout, using real wood instead of plastic can make such a difference.

Just be sure to put the fence aside and let the glue dry for at least a day. If you move the fence any sooner, you’ll often find that you have difficulties in keeping it together.

And if pieces pull apart, it’s a simple matter of a little glue.

If you are using wood that has no color to it, you can color with with a felt tip marker or use our process of aging that you can find at this link. How To Age Wood

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