Arduino Arc Welder That Runs On Time Schedule

An Arduino Arc Welder that runs on a schedule that you set.

This routine adds extra realism to your scene in that the welding being done is not continuous but randomly done as it is in real life.

There is a sketch that runs the arc welder continuously. It is here.

And a sketch that allows you to control the arc welder with a switch. That is here.

About This Arc Welder

The sketch here is particularly powerful. Not only does if look realistic when added to your scene, you can control if and when it runs.

In the sketch there is a table that looks like this. int weldingTable[][2] = {{1, 2}, {2, 1}};    The numbers on the left in each represent the time the welder will run.  The numbers on the right represent the time it will then remain off  Change those times to suit your desires.

And since it includes a switch, you can determine when it will operate with any toggle or with an input from an external source.

Materials Required

Arduino Nano – You may also use an UNO




LEDs – The basis welder uses two white.  We show yellow here so that you can see it against the white background.

You may increase the number or LEDs and/or change the colors.






resistorsResistors – Equal to the number of LEDs.




prototype board


Prototype Board – i piece




slide switch


A toggle switch of some sort. You can also use a latching push button.  In place of a physical switch you can take an input from an external source.





You may get a cost and time saving Kit to make this at Kits.

Arc Welder Demonstration

In this short video to make the flashing visible have used yellow and blue LEDs . We normally use white. Some folks use a blue marker to cover part of the LEDs with blue.You may also add a third LED.

The video doubles as a wiring diagram.

The code simulation was made using WOKI.  It is a great tool, resource and help center.


Wiring Diagram

timed arc welder wiring diagram

It is important to remember to add resistors on the anodes of the LEDs.

Replace the UNO with a nano. Saves you some money.





You may get a cost and time saving Kit to make this at Kits.


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